How to best describe Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher?

In one word: REMARKABLE.

She has worked in the field of Nuclear and Astrophysics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. She has been a consultant at Stanford Research Institute, for NASA on the Space shuttle and a delegate to the United Nations. She is author of more than 275 scientific paper, 6 books, and has 5 U.S. patents. Her main fields of research include: Nuclear & Atomic Physics, Biomedical Engineering & Geophysics Monitoring and Data Analysis

From a very early age as a young girl, Elizabeth knew that her passion and destiny lay with her desire to fundamentally do good in the world, and to provide a meaningful impact on the way in which we – humankind – navigate. 

With her early insights into the nature of Energy and Space-time dynamics, Rauscher chose to pursue the language of physics and mathematics to help give voice to these insights.  As such, she was among the first two females to graduate with a PhD. in her field of research, and has subsequently been pioneering her way forward with countless publications, lectures and laboratory experimentation.  She is a keen contributor to the fields of both theoretical and applied physics, and her personal patents and research positions demonstrate this commitment.

Additionally, Rauscher’s work has had profound influences on numerous fields of science, lending vital contribution to Nobel-worthy works.  We are currently in the process of creating a detailed mind-map that will accurately identify the scope of influence and relatedness that her insights and contributions have touched.

Most excitingly, Dr. Rauscher is no where near finished!  Though her career could easily conclude with her distinguished honors and discoveries, Rauscher still has more to contribute before she can finally acquiesce to some form of retirement!

In her own words…

“We stand in awe and bliss at the beauty and majesty of the evolving spark of creation. So vast and gorgeous is our Universe. Our mind, in the search for truth and knowledge, stands at the forefront of the cast of existence. My meaning of life is to deeply know life’s meaning and purpose, and to explore the harmony, apparent duality, and mystery of the universe and my mind. As Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

“At 4 years of age, during a much unhappy childhood, I contemplated “What is the meaning of life? What have I gotten myself into?” I desired to try to figure “It” out! Part of my experiences of “It” were my summers spent on our farm-ranch, with the beauty and glory and harmony I felt in the redwoods of northern California. To me, the interconnected web of Nature felt kind and gentle, and stood in gorgeous unity; in stark contrast to the human emotions of anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, etc. Yes, in Nature, things eat each other. Sattva, rajas and tamas prevailed (growth, maintaining and decay in Hinduism). How could this wondrous balance exist and evolve, including major changes following major extinctions and the arrival of new species?”

“At 9 years of age, I met an astrophysicist who talked about the billions and billions of stars and galaxies and, in those days, one could see the special band of the Milky Way! I built six telescopes between 9 and 15 years of age. I decided to study the very small, the atom, and the very large, the cosmos, and somewhere in this knowledge would lay the nature of consciousness! The ultimate instrument for doing science, love, or anything, is consciousness! The beauty of the symmetry of Nature is basic to epistemology and to inspiration or direct knowing. The interwoven strands of observation, analysis and inspiration lead to an ever-expanding, ongoing path of knowledge.”

“Clues in quantum physics yield the knowledge that each individual, each creature, affects the path of Nature and that we are all interconnected! We are all One. The vast lesson of life and the full existence of the embrace of it, is to go for knowing the Universe 100 percent, and discover love, contentment and joy in all creation and to tweak reality a bit to make things better. This is what gives meaning to our lives.”




Throughout her distinguished career, Dr. Rauscher has been a prolific writer and contributor to the scientific community.


With 6 books to date, Rauscher’s most recent endeavor, Mind Dynamics in Space and Time, with supporting details and research from Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak, offers a fascinating first-hand account of “remote viewing” as well as the complete science and theoretical concepts behind the notion of “mind-over-matter.”


At present, Dr. Rauscher has authored or co-authored more than 275 technical and peer-reviewed works that parlay not only into the fields of plasma and nuclear physics, but also RF dynamics, chemistry and biology.  Her vast scope of research has touched upon numerous scientific disciplines.


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Elizabeth is, and has been, associated with numerous projects of varied scope.

She is currently focused on advancing four of her “best and most important” projects, each of which would have profound influences in the field of energy and electricity, medicine, and seismic geology.  Fundamental to each of these projects is her unique understanding of the frequency-wave-particle interaction.

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