RVB Plasma

RVB Plasma is based on the plasma and RF experimentation performed by Rauscher and her late husband, Electrical Engineer, William Van Bise.  Their unique relationship as husband and wife – and scientists through and through – led them to some remarkable discoveries in electronics, radio frequencies, magnetism and plasma dynamics; all of which have become key components of her newly-designed Plasma Fusion Motor-Generator.

With the continuing threat posed by climate change – a change which is precipitated by humankind’s dependence upon energy and its current key input of fossil fuels, coal and natural gas – Dr. Rauscher is keen to develop and offer her research and expertise in an effort to solve mankind’s energy crisis through the introduction of a viable fusion reactor based on her extensive experimentation, and both published and unpublished works.

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Early Warning Seismic Activity Detector

Now with a 95% confidence level, Dr. Rauscher’s Seismic Detection device again couples her research and experimentation with late husband, William Van Bise, in which the two had discovered a mechanism by which to accurately predict the onset and location of seismic activity.  The device monitors signature frequency spectra associated with common seismic events, and as time progresses beyond an initial triggering function, predictive accuracy grows to such a point where a “high confidence” notification can be issued. 

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Non-Invasive Pain Eliminator

Rauscher’s Non-Invasive Pain Eliminator combines proprietary pulse frequency spectra matched to the target individual’s bio frequency signature, resulting in the reduction or cessation of pain in a localized area.  This device is still being perfected and may prove to be a useful adjunct in sports pain injury management and well as post-operative pain and “background” pain associated with prior localized trauma.

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